Month / April 2019

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  • Fierce

    “Feelin’ good, lookin’ fierce. I am…Librarian.”

  • Library Emergency

    “Alert! We have an emergency situation. We are out of bookmarks! Whatever you do, do not close your books!”

  • Starling contest

    “Starling contest! Go!”
    “Wait, don’t you mean staring contest?”
    “Nope. I’m a Starling and you just blinked. I win twice!”

  • Goldfinch

    Well, yellow there.

  • Fart /färt/ verb

    *whispering “Did you know fart is in the dictionary? I just looked it up!”
    “tee hee hee”

  • OMG!

    Miss Dove volunteered to supervise the teen zone. She’s practicing her eye roll…to blend.

  • Library Life

    “If you want to grow up to be a librarian like me, you are going to have to learn a few things. You’ll need to fix the copy machine, printer, computer, tablets, 3-d printers, e-readers, and robots. You’ll need to perform puppet shows and wear costumes and funny hats. You’ll need to be able to do people’s taxes and help with applications and resumes. Have you been trained in CPR? You know your alphabet right? How about decimals?”
    “Can I just be a rocket scientist? Sounds easier.”

  • Romancing the Dove

    “Miss Dove?”
    “WHAT? I’m not doing anything.”
    “Um, I just had a question. Wait, are you reading romance novels?”
    “Maybe…How else will I know which ones to recommend?”
    “But aren’t you a children’s librarian?”
    “I’m working here!”

  • Easter Egg

    “Why did the Easter egg hide?”
    “I don’t know, why?”
    “He was a little chicken!”
    “You crack me up.”
    “Thanks, I’ve been sitting on that one.”

  • Jay K. Rowling

    Look who stopped by the Bird Library! It’s world famous author Jay K. Rowling!