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  • Easter Egg

    “Why did the Easter egg hide?”
    “I don’t know, why?”
    “He was a little chicken!”
    “You crack me up.”
    “Thanks, I’ve been sitting on that one.”

  • Jay K. Rowling

    Look who stopped by the Bird Library! It’s world famous author Jay K. Rowling!

  • Meow

    It’s Dewey, the library Catbird!

  • Miss Dove’s Inferno

    Miss Dove reenacts her favorite scene from Dante’s Inferno. Within the Third Circle, Gluttony, she narrowly escapes the grasp of Cerberus, the vicious 3 headed Starling beast.

  • Fine!

    “You’re fining me?”
    “Your book was overdue. I’m fining you.”
    “It is fine.”
    “It is not fine.”
    “Fine, but you are being fined.”

  • “I just need your name to sign you up for a library card.”
    “It’s sort of embarrassing. I’m a Titmouse.”
    “First name Tit? Last name Mouse? You are a bird, right?”

  • Beware the Chair

    You may have heard that books are the most dangerous thing in the library, but Carolina Wren thinks it’s this red chair. It’s armed, after all.

  • Checkin’ Out

    Miss Dove, Saturday librarian, has ended her shift and is checkin’ out for a night on the town.

  • Fowl Weather

    “It’s raining ducks and chickens out there!”
    “Yeah. it’s pretty fowl.”

  • Hoos the Champion!

    Who’s the Champion? Hoos the Champion!

  • Wahoowa!

    Today, all our birds are singing the same song.

  • Bird Herd

    Is a group of Cowbirds called a bird herd?

  • Looking Up

    Things are looking up at the Bird Library.

  • “A school library is like the Bat Cave: it’s a safe fortress in a chaotic world, a source of knowledge and the lair of a superhero. True, the superhero is more likely to be wearing a cardigan than a batsuit, but still…” – Tom Angleberger
    Happy National School Librarian Day!

  • Making My Moooove

    Hatch.com username: Making my Moooove
    Do you enjoy long flights in the sunset? The feeling of warm seed on your feet?
    Are you willing to leave your eggs behind for others to raise?
    No commitment: Doesn’t mate for life