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  • Fowl Weather

    “It’s raining ducks and chickens out there!”
    “Yeah. it’s pretty fowl.”

  • Hoos the Champion!

    Who’s the Champion? Hoos the Champion!

  • Count Bookula

    “I vant to read your books.”

  • Birds on Film

    “Did you know there is a video camera filming our every move?”
    “I thought libraries were all about privacy of information!”
    “Probably got cut in the budget.”

  • Family Tree

    “I’m interested in genealogy. Can you help me find out more about my family tree, I think it was an Oak.”

  • Problem Solving

    “Do you have any math books? I’m hoping to solve some problems.”

  • “Did you know that birds don’t have ears?”
    “We don’t have external ears, but you are yelling in my ear holes.”
    “Did you know that birds don’t fart?”
    “Now I wish I didn’t have ears.”

  • Book vs. Movie

    “Did you just say ‘the movie was better’? I will destroy you!”

  • Sham-rocking

    “It’s St. Patrick’s Day right?”
    “Yeah, why?”
    “Your hair is sham-rocking!”

  • Bookmark

    “Stand there and think about what you have done.”
    “But, I didn’t have a bookmark!”
    “So you used a worm?”
    “It was a bookworm.”

  • Bird Rhyme

    Short bird, tall bird, want to read them all bird.
    Fat bird, thin bird, forgot to turn books in bird.

  • Oh my Starling!

    Starling Meet and Eat was well attended today