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  • Hummm

    “What do you call a Song Sparrow that can’t sing?”
    “A Hummingbird!”

  • Fine!

    “You’re fining me?”
    “Your book was overdue. I’m fining you.”
    “It is fine.”
    “It is not fine.”
    “Fine, but you are being fined.”

  • Eat Well, Nap Often

    “Miss Dove, would you sign my copy of your book ‘Eat Well, Nap Often’? ”
    “Not right now. I’m busy eating and will then be busy napping.”
    “You inspire me!”

  • Do We?

    “You guys should organize your books by genre like Barnes & Noble.”
    “Gasp! Do you know where you are? This is the library. We Dewey, we will always Dewey, and youey will Dewey too!”

  • Kondo-d

    “What do you mean you Marie Kondo’d the library?”
    “We had a lot of books. She said we only need 30 that bring us joy so I saved all the books about napping and eating.”