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  • Rush Hour

    “Brother, can you sparrow some personal space?!”

  • Stop, Drop, and Fly Away

    “Ok guys, this game is called The Floor is Lava. Touch the floor and you burn up.”
    “If the floor is on fire, shouldn’t we just fly away? What kind of game is this?”

  • Snape Snape Severus Snape

    “So I give you fair warning, Potter . . . pint-sized celebrity or not — if I catch you breaking into my office one more time —” – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • Smells Like Teen Starling

    Smells Like Teen Starling
    “Immature? puh-lease! I can fly and feed myself, what more do you want? wtv, smh, yolo.”

  • Wear a Mask

    “Hey, human! That mask makes you look super handsome and considerate!”

  • I Was a Teenage Starling

    #trending #polkadots

  • Dementor

    “Listen to this part
    ‘An intense cold swept over them all. Harry felt his own breath catch in his chest. The cold went deeper than his skin. It was inside his chest, it was inside his very heart….’
    Dementors are creepy!”

  • Pool’s Open!

    An important announcement from your local library:
    “Don’t drop your library books in the pool!”

  • “The library will close, I’ll lose my job, civilization will end!”
    “Pull yourself together, Miss Dove! E-books will never replace print. People hate e-books.
    Snap out of it!”

  • Starling contest

    “Starling contest! Go!”
    “Wait, don’t you mean staring contest?”
    “Nope. I’m a Starling and you just blinked. I win twice!”

  • Romancing the Dove

    “Miss Dove?”
    “WHAT? I’m not doing anything.”
    “Um, I just had a question. Wait, are you reading romance novels?”
    “Maybe…How else will I know which ones to recommend?”
    “But aren’t you a children’s librarian?”
    “I’m working here!”

  • Miss Dove’s Inferno

    Miss Dove reenacts her favorite scene from Dante’s Inferno. Within the Third Circle, Gluttony, she narrowly escapes the grasp of Cerberus, the vicious 3 headed Starling beast.

  • Fowl Weather

    “It’s raining ducks and chickens out there!”
    “Yeah. it’s pretty fowl.”

  • Hoos the Champion!

    Who’s the Champion? Hoos the Champion!

  • Count Bookula

    “I vant to read your books.”

  • Family Tree

    “I’m interested in genealogy. Can you help me find out more about my family tree, I think it was an Oak.”

  • Problem Solving

    “Do you have any math books? I’m hoping to solve some problems.”

  • “Did you know that birds don’t have ears?”
    “We don’t have external ears, but you are yelling in my ear holes.”
    “Did you know that birds don’t fart?”
    “Now I wish I didn’t have ears.”

  • Book vs. Movie

    “Did you just say ‘the movie was better’? I will destroy you!”

  • Sham-rocking

    “It’s St. Patrick’s Day right?”
    “Yeah, why?”
    “Your hair is sham-rocking!”