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  • Cheerreaders

    “Give me an R! Give me an E! Give me an A! Give me a D! What does that spell?

  • Baby Boom

    “You kids better settle down back there! Don’t make me turn this library around!”

  • Bird Alert!

    Rare Bird Alert! We had a visit from the elusive and mysterious Cardove today.

  • Birdy Bunch

    “‘Til the one day when the lady met this fellow
    And they knew that it was much more than a hunch
    That this group must somehow form a family
    That’s the way we all became the Birdy Bunch.”

  • Dirty Bird

    “Excuse me, there is a Robin, over there on the computer, that is looking at dirty pictures.”
    “How dirty are they?”
    “I just know that I saw mud and worms and I just couldn’t look anymore. They were very dirty.”

  • Nuts.

    I thought about being a teacher but I’d have to say “Good morning, my name is Ms. White Breasted Nuthatch.” and I think we all know how that would go.

  • Rockin’

    Mrs. Mohawk thinks libraries are totally punk rock!

  • Patron Privacy

    “I’m trying out a new technique to assure patron privacy. If you don’t look at me and I don’t look at you, I can assist you without ever knowing who you are.”

  • Red, set, read!

    The Cardinal family summer reading challenge has begun.
    Get RED, get set, READ!

  • OMG

    “Oh my God, my parents are so embarrassing. They have mohawks and they are like, old.”

  • Dinner with Daddy

    “Honey, please! He needs to start eating on his own. You can’t regurgitate his meals forever.”

  • I Wonder

    I wonder how many people are going to come to the reference desk today and ask me where the bathroom is?

  • ABCs

    Make alphabetizing great again.

  • Teen Zone

    Smells like Teen Spirit.

  • Old Yeller

    Yelling at your librarian will get you nothing but stink eye.

  • Dude

    “What did the surfer ask the librarian?”
    “Is my book over dude?”

  • Smile!

    Smile! Libraries love you, whoever you are!

  • Book or Treat

    “Can I have a snow cone?”
    “This isn’t the snack bar.”
    “But I wanted a treat.”
    “Oh we’ve got plenty of those, this is the library, come on in.”

  • Pool’s Open!

    An important announcement from your local library:
    “Don’t drop your library books in the pool!”

  • Summer Reading

    Miss Dove is feeling a bit frazzled while planning this year’s summer reading program.