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  • What Should I Read?

    Miss Mohawk wants to know what you’re reading.

  • Missing Librarian

    “Why couldn’t anyone see the bird librarian?”
    “Because she was in da skies.”

  • Whodunit?

    “What we have here is a whodunit.”
    “Well, who done it?”
    “I don’t know, but this is a Red Cherring.”

  • Do We?

    “You guys should organize your books by genre like Barnes & Noble.”
    “Gasp! Do you know where you are? This is the library. We Dewey, we will always Dewey, and youey will Dewey too!”

  • Kondo-d

    “What do you mean you Marie Kondo’d the library?”
    “We had a lot of books. She said we only need 30 that bring us joy so I saved all the books about napping and eating.”

  • Tufted Nut Climber

    “Oh, um, hi. I am a bird. I flew here to check out some books. I love eating…I mean, reading.”

  • Red

    “Knock, knock.”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Red who?”
    “Red any good books lately?”

  • Dance

    Dance like the motion sensitive camera is watching.

  • Copy Paste

    “Can you help me? I forget the shortcuts for copy & paste.”
    “Ctrl C copy, Ctrl V paste.”
    “Thank you, it worked!”

  • Overdue

    ¨Your books are months overdue. You should be ashamed of yourselves.¨
    ¨But, we were migrating!¨
    ¨Unacceptable, responsible birds return their books before they migrate. Remember that!¨

  • Check Me Out

    “Are you going to check me out?”
    “Listen, I’m sure you are very nice, but I am not interested.”
    “You’re not interested in checking a book out to me?”
    “Oh, I thought… I mean, yes, of course. Happy reading!”

  • Miss Dove

    “That’s right, Starling, bow down to me. I am the one and only Miss Dove, and I am back to reclaim my throne as Queen of Bird Librarians for children.”

  • Our First Visitor

    “Welcome to The Bird Library, you are our first visitor in our newly remodeled building.” “Oh cool, do I win a prize?” “You have won a library card and all the books you can read!” “Yay!”

  • Bird Library 2.0 installation!

    Bird Library 2.0 installation! Thanks Christina and Jeff for your help. We are waiting for our first customer during this soft opening. Stayed tuned for our grand opening once the cameras have been installed.