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  • Making My Moooove

    Hatch.com username: Making my Moooove
    Do you enjoy long flights in the sunset? The feeling of warm seed on your feet?
    Are you willing to leave your eggs behind for others to raise?
    No commitment: Doesn’t mate for life

  • Breakin’

    During breaks, Miss Doves practices her moonwalk.

  • Count Bookula

    “I vant to read your books.”

  • Birds on Film

    “Did you know there is a video camera filming our every move?”
    “I thought libraries were all about privacy of information!”
    “Probably got cut in the budget.”

  • Read all Over

    “What’s black and white and red all over?”
    “A red-bellied woodpecker in The Bird Library!”

  • Family Tree

    “I’m interested in genealogy. Can you help me find out more about my family tree, I think it was an Oak.”

  • Problem Solving

    “Do you have any math books? I’m hoping to solve some problems.”

  • Me and My Shadow

    A library is the best place to be, without a shadow of a doubt.

  • 2B or not 2B

    “Why did Shakespeare always write in pen?
    Pencils confused him. 2B or not 2B?”

  • Say Cheese!

    “Before you take a picture, do I have food in my beak?
    That would be so embarrassing. You’d tell me, right?”

  • “Did you know that birds don’t have ears?”
    “We don’t have external ears, but you are yelling in my ear holes.”
    “Did you know that birds don’t fart?”
    “Now I wish I didn’t have ears.”

  • Thanks for a great Book Festival, now everyone follow Miss Dove’s example and nap!

  • Eat Well, Nap Often

    “Miss Dove, would you sign my copy of your book ‘Eat Well, Nap Often’? ”
    “Not right now. I’m busy eating and will then be busy napping.”
    “You inspire me!”

  • Wingardium Leviosa

    Tonight on the Bird Stage, #VABook2019 presents a wizarding demonstration. Here we have Professor Flightwick performing the Wingardium Leviosa spell on Argus Finch.

  • A Starling is Born

    “Look, a stage, this is our moment!”
    “I think it’s for visiting authors.”
    “Just go with it. Ready?”
    “I’m off the deep end, watch as I dive in
    We’re far from the shallow now
    In the shallow, shallow
    Oh, oh, oh, oh

  • “Welcome to the Virginia Festival of the Book Bird Stage.
    Are you an author? What do you write?”
    “I mostly tweet.”

  • Book vs. Movie

    “Did you just say ‘the movie was better’? I will destroy you!”

  • Spring?

    Is it Spring yet? Can I put away my heavy coat now?

  • Sham-rocking

    “It’s St. Patrick’s Day right?”
    “Yeah, why?”
    “Your hair is sham-rocking!”

  • Library Card-inal

    Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card-inal.